Let’s play and succeed together!

  • Milky Way Galaxy “Another Universe”

    A project about Metaverse where anyone can buy star (planet), decorate, build, operate and exchange it and earn profit.

  • Metaverse Hotel Casino

    Metaverse was able to change the online casino game as we know it. Metaverse Hotel Casino will allow players to withdraw in crypto! And this is the future of Online Casino!

  • Metaverse Meta Road

    Have you ever dreamed of having your own path? Meta Road will allow you to find new roads and own them right here in Metaverse!

  • Snail Racing

    Snail Racing is an exciting speed racing game. The game gives you the opportunity to play the role of snails, show your speed skills, win and own valuable and interesting items.

  • Creature Hunters

    Creature Hunters is an online defense game with blockchain technology based on the original animation produced by Mogi Hitosi and Chstudio, based in Seoul, Korea. Build the best team of yours, battle others, and easily earn money with your NFTs!

  • NFT Marble Game

    An online board game is now join the NFT craze. Base on blockchain technology. With various mode and different tactic, this is a place where you can play and have fun with friends.

  • Bingo Family Game

    NFT Bingo Game is a fun game played by people all over the world. It is an NFT online board game based on blockchain. A fair and enjoyable game in which the players enjoy to get fully rewarded.

  • War Of DDakji

    War Of Ddakji, a traditional Korean game that emerged from the recent Squid Game movie from Netflix! War Of Ddakji promises to bring players the best moments!

  • Snail House

    Snail House uses blockchain technology to connect content creators with fans and ensure continuity of sales with safer and more transparent transactions using smart contracts through NFT.

  • Winery

    Winery is a decentralized exchange with automatic market-making mechanism, promising to be a trading platform for many large Crypto-related startups in the near future!

  • 12 Guardians

    12 Guardians bring to the user the luck and fortune in their life

  • Pocket World: Island of Exploration

    Over 1 million downloads & TOP 10 Google Indie Festival Development Participation: Client Programer 100% (UNITY3D) / Planning 100% Available on Google Play Store

  • Forest Camp

    Development Participation: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D/Real-Time Chat Server/WEB Server)/Planning 100% Available on Google Play Store

  • My Little Star

    Over 500.000 downloads + Participate in development: : Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store, Apple Store

  • Rusty Memory: Survival

    Over 600.000 downloads + Participate in development: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store

  • Miner

    Participate in development: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store

  • Pocket City: Nogada War

    Participate in development: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store

  • Random wars

    Participate in development: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store

  • Dungeon & Dungeon

    Participate in development: Client Programmer 100% (UNITY3D) / Plan 100% Available on GooglePlay Store

  • Buy Dream: God of Investment

    An investment simulation game in which the player gains or loses by investing game money (stocks, real estate, cryptocurrency coin, lotto, fund, finance)

  • Game of Assets

    Realize your dream of being rich!!
    Economic simulation mobile game based on stocks, real estate, and funds

  • Magic School Zenith

    TCG-style RPG in which various characters are gathered to form a team of 5 members (Deck) to clear the stages.

  • Marvel Future Revolution

    It is Marvel's first open world MMORPG using Marvel IP. Enjoy real time combat both on the ground and air like a true Super Hero!

  • Screen Baseball 'Ace'

    A tangible baseball game that you can experience and enjoy at the store.

  • Cookie Pang

    A sweet, fun-fun mini-game based on delicious desserts!!

  • TV Free Para

    A rhythm action game played as a TV platform using famous IP. We provide character cards by default. You can level up your character based on the experience points earned through gameplay

  • Legend of Sirius

    A RPG that develops your character into the strongest warrior through battles and quests with monsters.

  • Buy City

    A real estate simulation web game where you can virtually feel the fun through real estate activities.

  • Heaven Sword

    Exciting dungeon exploration and endless action and hitting!
    A village where you meet users who logged in real-time!

  • Puzzle Forest

    An incredible combo of excitement!
    Now push and pop! Slide combo action puzzle game!
    No more similar match-3 games!

  • Pocket Age

    The new idle RPG of the Pocket series, Pocket Age, has arrived!
    Various heroes who reform the times and grow, ,
    Form your own combinations and engage in strategic battles!

  • Hello Jadoo,Sticker Book

    All the characters from the popular cartoon Hello Jadoo are gathered


    Friendify GPT is an intelligent virtual assistant powered by GPT 3.5 language model. Chat with Friendify GPT to get instant answers to your questions, engage in natural conversations, and receive personalized recommendations based on your interests.


    DeepFace is a lightweight face recognition and facial attribute analysis library for Python. It offers leading AI models for face recognition and automates all the procedures in the background.


    AIRO interpreter application provides users with simple and quick interpreting services via AI technology.


    AI Homes offers a variety of AI tool categories for different purposes including summarizing, video and image creation/editing, code assistance, copywriting, healthcare, marketing and more.


    Oscars is an AI assistant platform that streamlines information management across multiple platforms, promising to make users' lives more convenient and smarter with its cutting-edge technology.


    AI chatbot is a platform that simplifies information management across various platforms, offering advanced technology that aims to enhance users' daily lives with convenience and intelligence.


    AI Messenger is a conversational platform that facilitates communication between users through a variety of mediums, including text, audio calls, and video calls. Additionally, the users can also engage with the Chatbot, which is designed to provide information and answer questions, enabling users to learn more about specific topics.


    You can easily convert your document or e-book to plain text with File to Text. Simply upload your document file and it will be converted to a plain text format that can be easily read and edited.


    Images to text is a handy tool that enables the conversion of a picture into editable text, as well as the conversion of PDF files to Doc format. Additionally, the tool is capable of extracting text from PDF files, making it useful for digitizing text-heavy content.